TIPS for tonal mapping your HDR images

You may download a free 30-day trial version of Dynamic Photo. Open the software and browse for your three images with different exposures (-2, 0, +2 work best). Then click on Step 1 and which will create a blend of the three different exposures into one HDR image.

Then Step 2 is Tonal Mapping. You can try these Tonal Mapping and Filter Tips:

Look at the samples above for the desired effect. I often play with the Sats, Vivid color, Brightness, and the Dramatic Light Strength while doing Tonal Mapping. I also turn on the “Add Clarity” box in the lower rightarea of the DP window.

Start with the Top image, above…

Image 1: Ultra Contrast, Orton Filter
Image 2: Ultra Contrast, Brightness, Vivid Colors
Image 3: Eye-Catching, Vivid Colors, Orton Filter
Image 4: Ultra Contrast, Brightness, Vignette Strong
Image 5: Ultra Contrast, Orton B&W Filter
Image 6: Ultra Contrast, Sepia

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