Join me for a COUNTDOWN of my 50 Top Summer Picsand the story behind each shot

#8 – LDS D.C. Temple at Dusk

05.14.2010  5:30 pm – Washington D.C.  – f/4  1/200 Canon PowerShot A710 IS  
Edits: HDR;  Camera Raw; Adjustment brushes; Photoshop Adjustment Layers

After shooting at the D.C. old girls’ college (National Park Seminary) one stormy evening in May, (see #11 in the countdown) there was just enough light left to capture this shot of the nearby L.D.S. (Mormon) Washington D.C. Temple. Again, the great clouds from the hail storm were still doing their magical thing, and made for a magnificent sky backdrop. Oh, how I love good clouds! Capturing great skies can be a bit tricky, because if you meter the light (press the shutter halfway) on the building, the sky will be blown out. So I often use my exposure compensation to quickly adjust the light down a few stops. Then later, in post-editing, I lighten only the building.