Join me for a COUNTDOWN of my 50 Top Summer Picsand the story behind each shot

#48 TSP – Hidden Rainforest Waterfall

07.26.10 – 8:49pm – f/32 – 1/3  Canon T1i – Tamron 18-270 lens – Length: 50mm
Editing: Camera Raw adjustments on the jpeg: Exposure/clarity/vibrance

After enjoying the scenic views around Crater Lake, we loaded the van on a mission to get to our Bandon, Oregon beachhouse. We were driving through the one of the many beautiful rainforests on the way to the coast when my husband Keith pulled over at a little picnic area by the side of the road to change drivers. It was late in the evening, but still light. As we wandered around to stretch our legs, we found this beautiful little stream and waterfall. This whole thing just seemed to appear out of nowhere. If it weren’t for these photos, I may still wonder it it was all a dream. We could hear a larger waterfalls, but couldn’t imagine it would be any better than this, plus it was getting late and we still had several hours to get to the coast. So we were content to spend a few minutes enjoying the stunning scenery around these lower falls, while the girls waded up the stream.

Before long, Keith had wandered up the trail to the main falls. He came back and said he felt like Lehi who had found the tree of life and his family was still wandering in hidden paths at the bottom. So we joined him on a mystical path through a rainforest to a very amazing waterfall, called Watson Falls. The short, (1/2 mile) but steep hike was absolutely the most amazing experience! It was better than anything we had seen on any tropical island. The stream wound around large moss-covered rocks and fallen trees to form waterfalls around every little bend on the way up to the top. It was a photographer’s haven and was not even on our itinerary. I love making these little hidden discoveries. It turns out that there are several other rainforest waterfalls along this highway, but since our light was gone, we decided to discover them on another trip to the coast. We were very late getting to Bandon, but we were happy we had taken the time to discover the enchanting Watson Falls area.