#43 – Crater Lake Grounds

07.26.10 – 6:22pm  Crater Lake Nat. Park, Oregon  –  f/9.0 – 1/200  -1  Canon T1i – Tamron 18-270 Lens  Length: 27mm
Editing: Camera Raw adjustments on the jpeg: Exposure/clarity/vibrance

We were looking at this view while sitting in the Crater Lake lodge having lunch. A big hail storm hit and left this beautiful sky behind. I always love shooting after a storm. The color saturation is rich and the clouds are usually fabulous. I will post a shot of the actual lake next, but I just loved these simple shots of the grounds around the lodge. It is a great reminder to look around and take supporting images. The main subject or scene is not the only important thing to document. A side view or background can be just as good as the main action.

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