Join me for a COUNTDOWN of my 50 Top Summer Picsand the story behind each shot
Caryn Esplin - National Park Seminary - Washington D.C.

#4 – National Park Seminary

07.16.2010  2:46 pm – Washington D.C.   – f/1.8  1/25 Canon Rebel T1i – Canon EF 85mm 1.8mm USM Lens
Edits: Camera Raw: Clarity and vibrance;  Adjustment brush 


Thanks to my friend and co-worker, Hillary Clemens, I enjoyed shooting at this old girls college near the Washington D.C. Temple. It has the most interesting and eclectic collection of architecture that you may ever find. They fashioned many of the structures after a World’s Fair that displayed famous buildings from all over the world. Many of the buildings are now being renovated, but I loved the old dorms, so this was right at the top shots of the summer. A mean hail storm, just minutes before this photo, left behind vivid colors, wet pavement and boiling clouds. What a great memory I have of this moment that I shared with Rachel and Scott, right before we went to a temple session, only minutes from this spot.

It took some editing in Camera raw to bring back the image I saw that day. My little point-and-shoot camera captured the pixels and I was able to bring them alive again. I metered the light on the sky, so I would have enough detail to resurrect this image. Who says you can’t take great shots with a point-and-shoot? Don’t get me wrong, I love using my Canon T1i, but there are times, when it is not convenient to have it with you. That is when you glad you have a small camera to record the moment. I printed the edited version, at the top, at with a metallic finish float wrap. This really brings out the colors that just glisten with an iridescent shimmer.

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