Join me for a COUNTDOWN of my 50 Top Summer Picsand the story behind each shot

#35 – Lobsterman Parking

05.28.2010 – 10:24am – Perkins Cove, Maine – f/4.0 – 1/1000 Canon Powershot A710IS

Editing: Camera Raw adjustments on the jpeg: Exposure/clarity/vibrance + Artisic edits with CR Adjustment brushes

I used Camera Raw to add a highlight on the Lobsterman sign in this shot of Perkins Cove, Maine. There are many charming inns near here that are along the famous “Marginal Way” which is a nice walk along the rocky shoreline, with great wave action, that takes you to the quaint little fishing village. We kept saying it felt like we were in the middle of a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mystery. It just seemed secluded and mysterious.

Zoe had some lobster ice cream at a little shop (red lobster candy in the ice cream). The shop owner (a third-generation lobsterman, or more) was sitting there and told us his story of catching a rare blue lobster. He is very lucky for as young as he is, because there is only 1 blue lobster in every 2 million! He even had a tattoo on his arm as a reminder. He donated his blue to an aquarium, since they are so rare. I loved this Lobsterman parking sign because we got to chat with an authentic and lucky lobsterman, right across from this parking sign. Here is a cute YouTube video where you can see a real blue lobster and learn more about this phenomena: