Join me for a COUNTDOWN of my 50 Top Summer Picsand the story behind each shot

#33 – Old Statues at Girls College

05.30.2010 – 9:10am – Portland, Maine – f/4.0 – 1/1250 Canon Powershot A710IS

Editing: Camera Raw adjustments on the jpeg: Exposure/clarity/vibrance + Artisic edits with CR Adjustment brushes

My friend Hillary, who is an expert on the Washington D.C. area, told me about this old haunted girls’ school near the LDS Washington D.C. Temple, so I just had to visit when I was in the area. It turns out that I found some of the coolest old buildings you could imagine, and the whole campus is called the National Park Seminary.  In fact, many of the buildings are fashioned after foreign architecture. There is a Japanese pagoda, Dutch Windmill, English Castle, and any other fascinating and immense structures. They had a dining hall that looked more ornate than the Harry Potter movie.  It was originally a prestigious all-girls college, built in 1890, but then it was purchased by the military and operated as a hospital, before it was abandoned for many years. Now there is a big restoration project going on, and the old dorms are being converted into posh new condos. Luckily there were still some old crumbly buildings, so it was nice to see what it was like. Before long, all the old structures will be replaced. Here is a link to more of my photos from May:  National Park Seminary.  This line of female statues was awesome and you can see that some of the statues have been restored, but some are still in disrepair. I wanted to show the line, but capture a shallow depth of field, so I used Aperture priority to get the bokeh in the background.