Join me for a COUNTDOWN of my 50 Top Summer Picsand the story behind shot

#31 – Green With Envy: Sea anemone

07.28.2010 – 11:02am – Bandon, Oregon – f/4.5 – 1/100 -0.33 Canon T1i Canon Powershot A710IS

Editing: Camera Raw adjustments on the jpeg: Exposure/clarity/vibrance, Adjustment brush for lighting

We found many sea anemones while tidepooling in Oregon. In case you have not tried tidepooling, it’s when you go out and on the beach at low tide to look around in the pools left around the rocks. You can see a rich variety of sea life, especially if you get a minus tide (or unusally low tide) that exposes more creatures. We saw starfish, muscles, crabs, small fish, sea anemones (mostly green, but a few pinkish ones) and some strange plants that make funny rattling, scraping sounds while in the open air. Sea anemones look like a beautiful flower when under water, but they close up into a round blob when out of the water. They are actually meat-eating animals and they excrete a poison when touched, and as they recoil their sticky tentacles, they can draw in small fish and shrimp to feast on. Each time one of them catches some prey, their neighbors all turn green with envy that they could not attract a meal. 🙂