Join me for a COUNTDOWN of my 50 Top Summer Picsand the story behind shot

#25 – Ferns in Light

07.30.2010 – 5:12pm – Lady Bird Johnson Redwood Grove, California – f/14 – 1/25 -0.67  (tripod) Canon T1i  – Tamron 18-270 lens – 18 mm focal length


I love shooting in interesting light. In fact, if I just told my new Digital Imaging class, if I had to name the three most important photographic principles, I would go with:
1. Light
2. Focus
3. Composition
Timing is everything with the light. The fog makes the light even more interesting, but I love the contrast here with the dark redwood tree on the right, which is balanced with the other dark trees on the left side of the frame. The lightly blurry background helps to set up the sharp focus and detail in the ferns and bark. This photo is also strong in contrast, which is another important principle, but not always necessary for a great shot.