Join me for a COUNTDOWN of my 50 Top Summer Picsand the story behind each shot

#17 – Red Doors

05.18.2010 – 4:27pm – Washington D.C. Canon Powershot 710IS
Edits:  Camera Raw adjustments and black vignette

Well, it’s time to return to the Countdown of my “Top 50 Summer Pics” Let’s pick up with #17 “Red Door.” I just love the contrast and strong red color of this stunning red door in Washington D.C. I captured this image near Union Station, in May, on a business trip. Some people will choose a subject like this and search the world over to collect images of their favorite “red doors.” Hmm… that would be fun. Anyone up for a world tour to find more red doors? We would have to check Italy, Greece, Spain and many other exotic locations.  In fact, you could choose  a topic of your own, and we could search for that too.

Anyway, the less expensive method would be to go to google images and see hundreds of famous red doors. Even then, I still like the constructions of this pair.  I was traveling without my big DSLR, so I shot this with my trusty Canon Powershot 710IS. It has manual and priority modes, so I can get by just fine with it, when size and convenience matters. We were walking to and from appointments and hopping on the subway in a hurry, so it just would not have worked to haul my bigger Canon T1i. I can fit the Powershot in my purse and snap shots as I rush down the street. Fun times.

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