Join me for a COUNTDOWN of my 50 Top Summer Picsand the story behind each shot

#10 – Artist Palette

09.25.2010  6:58 pm – Lyman, south of Rexburg, Idaho  – f/1.8  1/4000 Canon Rebel T1i  – Canon 85mm 1.8mm lens
Edits:  Camera Raw: Clarity, saturation and vibrance

This one’s for you, Deanne
I remember my sister sitting with her palette, mixing and manipulating her colors to find the perfect blend to add to her moist watercolor paper. I loved how the paint would bleed and reach out with tiny fingers as she worked quickly before the drying stopped the motion. At first it looked as abstract as this photo, but soon a masterpiece would emerge from her mind’s eye. It was the first few layers though, that gave depth to the details that came later.

The shallow depth in this photo reminds me of my sister’s paintings. The background wash of melting colors supports the focal point, which in this case, is the sharp leaves and curvy lines. They may demand attention, but the surrounding blur of light and color truly steal the show.

Thanks, Deanne, for all the art lessons, and for letting me watch you paint. It was magical. I miss you.

In memory of my sister, my friend, the watercolor artist

After battling breast cancer for eight years, she succumbed on October 22, 2002. She was at an art workshop, with her husband in Spain.  I am sure she must now be painting masterpieces somewhere in Paradise.