Join me for a COUNTDOWN of my 50 Top Summer Picsand the story behind each shot

#1- Talia’s Family

09.19.2010  San Antonio, TX  – f/4.5  1/60 Canon Rebel XTi

New little Talia, only 10 days old, captures my heart with the number one photo of the summer!  She knew just what to do to melt her granna’s heart. She waits until mom, dad, and big sis are all posed, then at the right moment, she looks at me, and grins!  Oh, this is what I’m talking about… and this is what it is all about – FAMILY!  I am now spending a glorious week with our entire family in San Antonio, Texas, at our son Brandon’s home.  I love you all! 

That is it for the Top 50 Summer Pics!  Thanks for watching and I would to hear which are your favorites?

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