Meet my Professional Imaging students – Win 2017

I am so proud of my students this semester in my Comm 316 Professional Imaging course. Each one of them has an awesome website of beautiful, creative, versatile imagery and design. You could hire any of them and be very happy about it. Check out their website, by clicking the link under their fine art image below.

These large fine art prints are framed and on display in the Spori foyer this week Thursday, March 2 – Thursday March 9, so come by to see the full size display if you are in the area. Here is our group in February while on our three-day photo excursion to Victor – Jackson and the Tetons! We had hands-on workshops with so many different genres of photography: food and product, macro, light painting, long exposure, portraiture, posing lighting, wildlife, landscape. Since then we have been doing creative photoart, and next we have a fashion shoot and do architectural photography. Each student practices SEO to get their work at the top of search topics with 10 million of more web results.

We also practice web design skills and set up a marketing plan with pricing and contracts for their own businesses. Students created movie posters to introduce themselves at the start and  they will design a Creative Resume Handout for their final project.  I am so pleased to introduce my students and their incredible work here. Enjoy!


Comm 316 Professional Imaging Class – Win 2017

HANGING THE PRINTS PARTY! – Photos by Douglas Phan, my amazing TA

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