Candice Luong – One Amazing Photographer

Candice Luong is one of my favorite people and a superb photographer! She is versatile and experienced, as you will see from her website:

Check out her work and let her know how you like it. You can email her from her Contact Page  and she can give you some prices if you need a great deal on excellent photography. Here is a sample of her work…

CandiceLuong-MeYouandOurKazoos-Porfolio-14.jpgCandiceLuong-MeYouandOurKazoos-FamilyPhotoshoot-KerrFamily-Scarlett CandiceLuong-MeYouandOurKazoos-LightPainting-Outdoor-BlueLight-Stars

To place an order, text Caryn at 208.339.3395 or email Dismiss