Another fun reunion together

Well, we just held our annual reunion for some wild and crazy girls from Highland High School. Yes, indeed, once a year, we take time to get-together to talk, laugh, and share our life experiences and words of profound wisdom. HaHa! This time we went to a secluded cabin in Island Park on the Buffalo River where we taught each other new skills and enjoyed the Spring weather of the Idaho mountains, which ranged from a snowstorms to sunny skies. We enjoyed a variety of activities, and some… we cannot even blog about! One new experience for me was swimming is an ice cold river with snow on the ground! Woo-hoo, that was a load of fun. We always have one rule, and that is everyone has to do something new they have never done before. Snowshoeing was new for several in the group, but the cold river swim was a highlight. The other rule we had this year, is we could do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. It was relaxing, but full of great new learning experiences and good memories. Thanks for a great time, ladies! Let’s try to stay cool until next time. 🙂