Marketing Coordinator at Centriq – Kansas City

Thane graduated with a Visual Comm emphasis in the BYU-I Comm Department in December 2012. He is now a Marketing Coordinator for Centriq Training in Kansas City. Centriq, a successful and growing mid-size company that trains IT personnel for large corporations like AT&T and Sprint. I was recently in Kansas City and met up with Thane. I was fascinated to visit Thane’s company and learn how he landed his great job as a marketing coordinator, which is a job that normally goes to a Business Marketing graduate.

Thane credits his versatile visual and writing skills, Comm 316 website and Comm 130 print portfolio. He says his WordPress self-hosted wesbite and social media experience are becoming a bigger part of his job every day.

Thane uses the Adobe programs to design print projects, takes photos for the website, shoots corporate head shots and produces videos for YouTube. Thane says his decision to switch from English to the Visual Comm emphasis in the Comm Dept. proved to be a wise move for his career path. We are hearing from more and more Communication graduates, regardless of their emphasis, they spend most of their time doing visual media. Employers are hiring those who have Visual Communication skills. Watch this video to learn why Centriq hired Thane, a Visual Comm grad, to be their Marketing Coordinator.

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