Black Kettle tells Kris how it’s done.
Black Kettle signs a poster for Caryn and Julie gets the shot. Thanks, Jules!
Dustin, head TA, keeps everyone in line with his pristine hatchet form

Jessica and Jon act out a scene from “Dancing with Wolves” as they keep an eye on the action

Good times kicking it up at the Rendezvous Dance Party! What great sports you are. (This did make my day… Thanks 🙂
Thane gives the bull horn a try, but, well… it didn’t go so well!
Sarah’s patient husband gets a little cranky after the long drive on the gravel road.
Maybe there’s a future in modeling for Brandon?
Erica, you should have bought this cool coat!
Feel my muscles, woman. Almost as good as my photos, eh?
Thane knows how to flash the GQ look… and howdy. Givin’ Brando a run for his money?

Daniel gets in touch with his Mountain Man side.  It works, Danno, it works.
Kris ends up with the snazzy reading glasses during our very own Trading Blanket. These should snag a stylin’ woman who appreciates good fashion taste in her man.
The famous “Trading Blanket” where someone throws an item on the blanket they are willing to trade. Others who want that item, toss out something they have to trade. The first trader chooses which item is the best trade and they shake on it and say “good trade.” The next person takes a turn until everyone has something new.
Shooting the Tetons behind the Squirrel Dance Hall.
Playing with the old pump in Squirrel, Idaho. You have to love this place!  I used HDR on this one, but with some masking in Photoshop to bring back the original on Julie’s face.
Daniel smiles after he finds the old bike hidden behind a shed.  I added Julie’s “Glowing Airbrush” tutorial.  Nice effect, huh?  Thanks, Julie!
Squirrel’s Angels?
Some die-hard photographers from Comm 370 Digital Imaging accompany me for a day of fun-filled shooting!
We had the best time spending the day at the Mountain Man Rendezvous and surrounding area. We started off in St. Anthony to shoot in the old Ruin Hotel, then a stop at the small estate sale for a few little trinkets for our trading blanket event. I also picked up some of those giant resin grapes my mother made in Relief Society and had on our coffee table back in the 70s. Brandon appreciated the retro grapes and he later earned for this prize for his creative light painting techniques.

After spending the afternoon at the Mountain Man Rendezvous, we held a “Trading Blanket” event of our own by the big van. Then we took some shots around Squirrel, Idaho, and started shooting old farms and barns.

My friends, Brad and Maijia-Liisa Adams, showed us around the area and got permission for us to do some light painting at a farm with awesome old buildings and machinery.  We had a great day and this will go down as one of my all-time favorite photo shoots. Thanks, Adams, for showing us around, letting us wear the awesome “Silver Fox” and for pre-arranging our shooting locations. You both rocked our world that day. Thanks to you all for making it a great day!