Mike Cannon, new dept. chair, and Ron Bennett, “previous” dept chair lead the group at NPR .

Joel arranged a tour at the Pentagon with his former student, Melissa Devine. She is doing a great job at the Comm Director for the Dept of Defense.

We spent a lot of time on the Metro, with our group of 12 BYU-Idaho professors. The other half of our group went to New York City. The purpose of these trips was to visit companies to learn how we can update our curriculum to meet the needs for communication-related careers. It is all about web and social media, as we suspected. However, we also learned that our majors need to improve presentation and research skills. Fortunately, these are the two courses we just added to our required core. This helps us to identify specific curriculum offerings though. What a worthwhile professional development experience. Thanks, Robyn, and the administrators for allowing us this beneficial excursion.

Hillary and I traveled a few days early, so we could hang out with our DC peeps.

We met up with Brennan Magnusson and Melissa Devine for dinner.

A nice meal with part of the group on our last night, after some shopping with Hillary at L&M and Filene’s Basement. Thanks for helping us find all the great spots in DC, Hil!

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