Bannack, MT – Living History Tribute 1:  Meet the townsfolk

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph the second annual Bannack Living History Weekend, near Dillon, Montana. It was a blast! Many people went to a lot of work to make it special and bring in many artifacts and people to demonstrate the authentic way of life for Bannack back when the gold rush was on! This is the first of five blog posts over the next few weeks to pay tribute to this Living History event. I hope you enjoy what I captured in this first of five tributes…”Meet the Townsfolk…” The Boss, Doc, Tailor, Trapper, Spinner, Photographer.

Bannack Ghost Town, Montana - Living History - Caryn Esplin - Boss at Bar


Bannack Ghost Town, Montana - Living History - Caryn Esplin - Boss Walk







Photographer - Caryn Esplin - Bannack Living History

Spinning Wheel - Bannack Living History - Caryn Esplin


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