The “Doc is in” for blog post #6 of 8 in a series of Bannack Living History posts!

One of my favorite places to photograph is the old doctor’s house at Bannack Ghost Town. The artifacts are plentiful and I have taken many of my personal favorite Bannack images in that house. So it was an extra special treat to meet the good doctor himself while at the Living History Weekend at Bannack Ghost Town, near Dillon, Montana in September. This guy was so amazing. He could not have been more perfect to portray Bannack’s doctor from the late 1800s. It seemed like I knew this guy from somewhere. I guess it must have been from my dreams, because this is just how I would picture the “doc.” I loved the sign outside his house saying he was “in.” I can imagine people coming to his door with an ailment when he had his sign up. I have also included the Schoolmaster I hope you enjoy the sixth post of eight in my Bannack Living History series. Here’s to the doctor!


Bannack Ghost Town, Montana - Living History - Doc's Rounds - Pano


Bannack Ghost Town, Montana - Living History - Doc's Potions - Pano


Bannack Ghost Town - Caryn Esplin - Docs Living Room

Bannack Ghost Town - Caryn Esplin - Docs Kitchen


Schoolmaster - Bannack Ghost Town, Montana


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