The corrupt Sheriff Plummer, and his two deputies met their demise once again in Bannack Ghost Town

It was 150 years ago when a group of angry townsfolk literally took the law into their own hands to hang the corrupt sheriff and his two deputies on their own gallows. Stan Smith and his cast of “Wild West Re-eanactors” brought back the gruesome and controversial event at Bannack Ghost Town, near Dillon, Montana before a sizable crowd of onlookers. This singular historical event was the main justification used in a subsequent case to separate the area from the Idaho Territory and create the Montana Territory. This re-enactment event is held every other year at Bannack State Park, Montana, when the Montana legislature is not in session.
Hats off to Stan and his group of volunteers who brought the event back to life on Saturday, January 11, 2014.

CarynEsplin-BannackHangingReenactment-Narrator CarynEsplin-BannackHangingReenactment-FirstCapture CarynEsplin-BannackHangingReenactment-SheriffCapture CarynEsplin-BannackHangingReenactment-LongWalk CarynEsplin-BannackHangingReenactment-JakeNoose CarynEsplin-BannackHangingReenactment-ToTheGallows CarynEsplin-BannackHangingReenactment-UselessPleas CarynEsplin-BannackHangingReenactment-SadSheriff CarynEsplin-BannackHangingReenactmentTripleNoose CarynEsplin-BannackHangingReenactment-FedUp CarynEsplin-BannackHangingReenactment-Glen CarynEsplin-BannackHangingReenactment-BuffaloCoat CarynEsplin-BannackHangingReenactment-Cast

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