What could be funner?
Light painting with my students at Bannack Ghost Town!

One of my favorite places on the planet to photograph is Bannack Ghost Town, near Dillon, Montana. This was my first experience light painting at Bannack! I take my Comm 300 Digital Imaging students there every semester and we have a blast photographing the town! We always take a group of models to recreate the old west flavor. This time we were fortunate enough to get some light paintings after sunset and it just added to the ghost town effect to see things at night. I love the way the Montana State Park system has preserved the rich history of this place. The park rangers are amazing and they keep everything is authentic conditions for everyone to enjoy. You should visit Bannack for Bannack Days in July each year. It is a blast! Here is a link to the Bannack Ghost Town website: http://bannack.org/ I would love to hear what you think of these images I took Thursday night along the old main street of Bannack. I used a tripod and slow shutter speed of 15 – 30 seconds, while I painted light on the scene with some large spotlights. Isn’t this a great place? If you are interested in light painting, you can view more here: http://www.carynesplin.com/light-painting/Β 

And here is a light painting tutorial to get you started with some indoor table top light painting of your own:Β  http://www.carynesplin.com/table-top-light-painting-in-10-steps/
Furthermore, you should check out Dave Black’s light painting here: http://www.daveblackphotography.com/creative-lighting-portfolio

CarynEsplin-BannackGhostTown-Montana-HotelMeade-LightPainting CarynEsplin-BannackGhostTown-Montana-School-MasonicTemple-LightPainting CarynEsplin-BannackGhostTown-Montana-InternationalTruck-LightPainting CarynEsplin-BannackGhostTown-Montana-BarnWagon-Stars-Night-LightPainting

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