Creative Category Finalists – Winter 2013 Semester

Congratulations to our finalists in the Creative category of our Bannack Shootout contest for the Winter 2013 semester. Overall, we had 160 entries in three categories. View all entries in our Flickr group here. Please vote one time on your favorite image in this category by adding a comment with the letter of the image. Also, don’t forget to vote on your favorite from our other two categories: Bannack Portrait and Bannack Ghost Town. Thank you for participating! For the first time in history they allowed us to drive our giant BYU-I travel bus right down the middle of the ghost town! Click here for more photos from our memorable trip.

A - Casey Ross

A – Casey Ross

B - Heather Mosley

B – Heather Mosley

C - Blake Maxwell

C – Blake Maxwell

D - Ethan Anderson

D – Ethan Anderson


E - Abigail Ebberts

E – Abigail Ebberts

F - Kristina Dikhyarova

F – Kristina Dikhyarova

G - Katie Alvarez

G – Katie Alvarez

H - Katie Alvarez

H – Katie Alvarez

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