Amazing Eastern Market
One of the highlights of my four days in D.C was going to the Eastern Market on Saturday. I loved the plethora of sights, sounds, smells tastes and textures. But most of all I enjoyed interacting with the people. This market has vendors, artists and crafters selling their wares and enjoying the day. You can find everything from copper wall art, farm produce, jewelry, hats, clothing, even purses made from old books (the coolest of all).

Magic Mormon Underwear?
For my purchase, I settled on a manikin named Marge, which now sits on my BYU-I office bookshelf. I bought it from a jewelry artist who asked me about the “magic Mormon underwear” after I gave him an LDS pass-along card. HaHa! I learned from my daughter Rachel, how to handle a question like that. (If you are interested, you can see how she answered tough questions about the LDS religion in an interview of five Harvard students. Here is the link: Sally Quinn interviews Harvard students about their faith.)

His cousin joined the LDS church
We had a delightful conversation, and he told me about his cousin who watched the TV commercial about the “book,” then called the toll-free number. He went on to explain that “two dudes brought the book” to her house and she joined the Mormon Church. So that was why he was curious about the magic underwear, but did not dare to ask her. I explained how they are a reminder of the covenants we make with God in the temple, which was pictured on the pass-along card I had given him. He also wanted to know if they came all the way down to my ankles, but I told him they were only knee-length, of course. After exchanging a few more Q&A, I moved along, happy I had been open in answering his questions, for he was truly respectful, just genuinely curious. It was a fun conversation and it gave me more confidence to keep handing out those cards, which I was able to do a few more times on the trip.

You can find anything
Next, I moved on to check out the man making giraffes out of recycled aluminum cans, after which I I bought some homemade mango salsa, spicy hummus and tortilla chips for lunch. Finally a short stop at the booth with old maps from all over the world, while Scott and Rachel perused a few news stories in the old Life magazines.

I know I keep saying this… but, this too, is a must-do while in D.C. Most maps of the city will show the “Eastern Market” and you can catch the Metro to there and find great people, food, art, music and fun every Saturday of the year.