Okay, I admit it! I have been a little obsessed with Artisan Bread the past eight months. While browsing in the Harvard bookstore (actually called the COOP) last March at parents’ weekend, I found this cool book called “Artisan Bread in Five Mintues a Day” and I thought that sounded like a major oxymoron. It intrigued me enough to buy it, and then it all began. I read and marked up the book, then tried many of the recipes over and over. Of course, I had to buy all the tools, including the pizza peel and baking stones. I always had some new bubbling dough experiment brewing in the extra fridge in our garage. Hundreds of loaves later, another intense book or two, and a lot of trial and errror brings me to this blog post. I felt I needed to perfect things a bit before blogging about it, even though I still change things and play with the amounts and blend of ingredients. But this recipe is my quick and versatile version of artisan bread. I started with a focaccia recipe, then changed the amounts and incorporated methods I learnd with my own experimentation.

With this recipe, in about 1-1/2 hours, (from start to finish) you can have crusty, delicious artisan bread on your table. What I really love is that you can make 3-4 different types of artisan bread with this same dough, so let your creative juices flow! If you really want to make this your next hobby, then buy the book and try things the long way, which actually takes several days to ritard, or ferment, the dough in the fridge and let things get a bit sour. It almost smells a bit like making homemade beer, I would imagine. Anyway, this quick and easy recipe is almost as good, much easier, and the home teachers won’t wonder what you are brewing!

Here is a link to the PDF recipe:

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