I love finding great deals on quality gear, so I hope you enjoy this collection of my favorite photography tools. I have tested all these items and many of my students use this gear because it's affordable and gets the job done better and cheaper than similar products.  If you purchase through the links I provide here, you get the same low Amazon prices, but Amazon will provide a small kickback which I donate 100% to my photography students.  Thank you for supporting students while you have a blast with these great products.

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Dolica AX620B100 Tripod ($49.95)

This is a great deal for a 62″ highly rated aluminum Proline tripod. It supports up to 13.2 poungs and comes with a ballhead, quick release plate and bubble level. The legs have quick release leg locks and non-slip rubber feet. PACKED WITH FEATURES and allows you to mount your camera a low angle. Check out the video to see how it works on this Amazon page (under the photos on the left)

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ZoMei Z818 Lightweight Compact – Heavy Duty Tripod ($99.99)

This magnesium – aluminum travel tripod comes with quick release, ballhead and carrying case. It has more pro features for a competitive price that compares with high end tripods costing four times more. The versatile height range of 18″ to 65″ is so nice for compact travel and a nice tall height. Three leg angle positions provide flexibility for getting lower angles. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: 2-in-1 tripod, the tripod could be converted into a full size monopod by screwing together the removable center column and tripod leg.

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Lowepro Transit Sling 150 Aw ($58.99)

I love how you can slide this pack around to your side and use it as a table to change lenses and swap gear on-the-go without having to take off your pack, set it down and dig for items. It holds a camera, 2-3 lenses, a flash, trigger and flashbender. Plus organizer pockets for extra batteries, cards, cords, chargers, filters and more,

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Moose Peterson Warming Circular Polarizer Filter ($35-$65)

Superb quality with a slight warming effect for award-winning landscapes and waterscapes. Turn the outer ring to remove or add reflections and make your sky and clouds pop!  Check your filter size. Price will vary according to filter size. Click the links below to get your filter size on Amazon!

ICE 10-stop ND ($15-$35)

The 10-stop ND filters provide the same quality effect of filters costing well over $100. Not all less expensive ND filters maintain the quality these can capture. This is one of my favorite HIGH-QUALITY / SUPER BARGAINS! Check your filter size. Price will vary according to filter size. Click the links below to get your filter size on Amazon!

Vivitar or Polaroid Closeup Filters ($15-$45)

Simply screw on one or more of these close-up filters to convert your lens into a macro lens! use the +4 or +10 for maximum magnification. Check your filter size on your zoom lens with 85 – 100mm range. This range works best for close-up photography. Price will vary according to filter size. Click the links below to get your filter size on Amazon!

Maglite XL200 LED 3-Cell AAA Flashlight ($36.98)

The color temperature of this warm-white halogen bulb is flattering and ideal for light painting inside. Even though this little light is a little spendy, you will be amazed at how many functions it has. The motion sensor makes this light dimmable by twisting your wrist. Set it on your nightstand and it turns on automatically when you get out of bed. Other features include the SOS signal and strobing effect.

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Streamlight 65018 Stylus 3-AAAA LED Pen Light ($13.99)

Perfect for light painting and sketching in the dark. You can light a precise area, create light sketches and write legible words in the dark. Small enough to stay in your pocket. You won’t regret getting this handy, amazing light.

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Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) and Charger for Canon LP-E8 and Canon EOS 550D, EOS 600D, EOS 700D, EOS Rebel T2i, EOS Rebel T3i, EOS Rebel T4i, EOS Rebel T5i ($18.99)

It is wise to have a few extra batteries on hand, so you aren’t left without power on those long photoshoots. These duo pack and bonus charger will keep you powered up for a bargain. No need to spend three times more for a single Canon spare battery, when these are reliable and long-lasting!

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2 – pack Lexar Professional 64GB SDXC UHS-I Cards ($32.95)

You can’t get too many sd cards and these pro quality Class 10 sd cards are fast enough to record 4K video and camera bursts without slowing you down. Faster file transfer is a nice bonus and you also get free recovery software should you corrupt your card and need to restore the data. You can’t beat the price and quality of this super deal! This makes each 64gb card only $13.50. If you shoot RAW, you need both of these. If not, you can share this duo pack with a friend.

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AUKEY Optic iPhone Camera Lens: 198° Fisheye Lens + 0.44x 150° Wide Angle + 15x Macro Lens ($10.99)


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AEvershopUniversal Phone Lens Kit: 0.36x Super Wide Angle Lens + 15x Super Macro Lens ($12.99)


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