On Saturday after Thanksgiving we invited all of Keith’s family to our home for a potluck-game extravaganza from 3-10pm. It was fun to try out our family room with a large group. We set up tables for food and games. Some sat on the couches, and all the kids had a blast in the play room under the stairs. Everyone in the Esplin family showed up (except one) so we took an impromptu group shot. This was a nice surprise and we are sure happy we had so many come, because we won’t everyone here for Christmas. It was so nice to have all the cousins together again and see their little children playing together. What a nice way to end the holiday. Then, Sunday morning we drove Brandon, Amber, Lilly, and Rachel to the SLC airport in the big, green van so they could catch their flights back home. What a HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEKEND!