Mystery Photo – We have our winners. I will put four of you into the Christmastime drawing:  AJ, Sherry, Danny, Chantelle!

The first three people to add a comment here and list the first names of each person in this image, plus make two new comments on two of my recent blog posts… will get their name entered into my Christmastime Camera Gear giveaway! The race is on…

After we finished our final portfolio reception, the Comm 316 Professional Imaging class posed for a few frames, then I turned them into an animated gif. Still-frame animation is a blast. It works better outside, so there is more light to freeze the fast motion. I look forward to trying more of these. We had a project early in the semester to learn still frame animation. Here is the tutorial I wrote for that: Bobble Head Animation – Caryn Esplin

Mike Lewis also did something similar when he photographed a snowball series of the Comm Dept. here.

Here is to a great semester… from the Comm 316 professional image artists!

Comm 316 Professional Imaging Class - Still frame animation - Caryn Esplin - BYU-Idaho

Comm 316 Professional Imaging Class – Still frame animation

Comm 316 - Professional Imaging - Caryn Esplin - BYU-Idaho

Group Hug – Comm 316 – Professional Imaging Class – Caryn Esplin


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